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  1. Datacommando, yeah that was exactly what I was after. Now just got to take it apart and try to make the crescendo part on Uptown funk!
  2. Thanks for that, it may help with what I want to do
  3. Hi, I want to try and make a preset for songs like Uptown funk and others that have that rising synth sound a bit like the THX sound. I did see a clip of an old preset that used to be on Helix (SNAPSHOT 2 NO) mentioned here @ 4:26: Anybody got this old preset or can offer some help/idea's?
  4. amsdenj, PeirM and datacommando, Thank you for all the info an explanations so now realise that the sound would be too sterile (?) and devoid of the ambient sounds/full simulation added and that there is no need for either the cuts (unless for reasons stated, fizz or boom) or even a list. Trust your ears comment and don't do anything to the cabs when recording - I'll give both a try!! Thanks again, Bob
  5. Thanks datacommando, I did see that jensen one and saw the line for res. freq but it seemed to only state the low end frequency (for different ohmage - is that a word?) but not what I could find for a high frequency. I'm not all that savvie with the physics of sound or pretty much anything else on that jensen link. That's why the thomann link was good for me as it was simple for me to see. Guess I should've asked if anyone has put together a list for this? Still, thank you and yeah I'll just plug away and make that list instead......but if you've any advice about how to read that to use in helix that'd be great! ;)
  6. For example (taken from Actual Cab )helix cab based on) Helix Model Frequency Range 1x10" Fender Princeton Eminence Copperhead 1x10 US Princess 70 Hz - 5 kHz
  7. Hi, I've seen a few youtube videos that say that they check out the low/high freq range of the 'real' cabinet and adjust their presets to match. From having searched myself I can't seem to find this kind of info, could anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks, Bob
  8. Ah yeah, I did totally miss that - STOMP not SNAPSHOT mode part - and just given it a go and works a treat, thank you for pointing that out. Much appreciated and quick reply, thanks man!
  9. Hi, I'm working on a preset for Cee Lo Greens 'Forget You' (attached) that has the four organ chords assigned to SNAPSHOTS 1-4. How can I assign a snapshot (say Snapshot 1) so that each time I press Snapshot 1 it will cycle through other snapshots back to itself? I've seen this done for the Stomp but not the floor, but it's not working for me, maybe because there are already assigned? Here it is explained this Steve Sterlacci video: Any help would be great as I've got a few presets that could benefit from this. Thanks, Bob Forget You.hlx
  10. That preset is bloody brilliant mate! Beats anything I've heard out there for a B3 sound and the smooth change between tones. Do you have other presets on Customtone or anything? Thanks for the preset and the advice in using blocks and why I got a glitch, it'll hopefully make creating keys/synth tones a lot easier. Again, I tip my hat to you on this preset man, really good sound.......I know what I'm doing today! Much appreciated, thank you and have a great weekend!
  11. Hello, I'm trying to create the synth sounds on 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley. I've adjusted the different 3 note generators on 8 snapshots to get the chords/sounds used but the problem is when changing from certain snapshots. Going from the G Low snapshot to the Cm snapshot there is a pitch fluctuation up to D then down to the Cm. This doesn't occur when going from G High to Cm snapshots. I've attached the preset, so if any ideas how to fix this, if possible, it would be much appreciated. The guitar path I haven't touched. Original preset - TPR Drone by glassjawslipknot on Customtone. Thank you, Bob New Gnarls Crazy.hlx
  12. Thanks codamedia, I'll update and see how that goes! Haha, yeah will make sure to - may have other questions and don't want to be told 'have you turned it off and then on again?' as a justified first response.
  13. Hello everyone, I hope someone out there can help me with this.....? I've only had my Helix for a little while and whilst adding presets to SETLIST 5, I have found that from PRESET 27A it will not keep the preset name, though has on occasion kept the blocks for that preset. Also just found today that when copying a preset in to any available slot (from PRESET27A-PRESET32D), I get an error saying 'FAILED TO PASTE ON OR MORE PRESETS...Unknown communication error: error code - 8200 and then this message 'Failed to get preset names. Service is not online. Code 8207, and the screen on my Helix goes blank. I can turn it off and on again and all presets are restored (inc SETLIST 1-5). I use SETLIST5 for all new imported presets to try out and the other setlists for my main patches but worried this could be a bug that may affect the rest of the machine. Also losing space to put new presets. I'm updated to 2.8.1 Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bob
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