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  1. It's been so long since i've used this thing, i didn't realize i needed to open the Gearbox app and change the source, not in my DAW. Working now...carry on.
  2. I see signal when i plug my guitar in to the front input, but i'm trying to record from a Kemper profiling amp and no matter what i do the UX2 does not see an input signal from the Line in connections on the back. I have plugged my iphone directly in to the line in jacks and i also do not see any input in my DAW or on the UX2 meters. Is there something i have to do to activate these? i have not used this to record a line in before, i have other interfaces on my main pc im just trying to get this to work on my laptop. Thanks.
  3. Nevermind...i found it, i'm sleep deprived. Let me rephrase the question, is there something better i can use now (and does it cost $?) then gearbox?
  4. I'm not sure where my CD is, i paid $200 for sound packs and there seems to be no way to use any of it...why would line 6 not allow me to download a legacy version? Do i have to buy something else to use this thing now?
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