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  1. I mean that it sounds like there is no actual amplified simulation it is equalizing and adjusting the gain. I said "amplifying" to indicate sounding like an amp versus just going straight into the board.
  2. I had a cab loaded. but it still isn't sounding like it is amplifying.
  3. I already opened a ticket, but my guess is that doesnt have to do with the other issues so im going to send it back to the seller cause its internal components have clearly been significantly damaged in some capacity.
  4. Yeah I knew that so that is clearly not the issue that I have the volumes at zero because I set them physically before testing the amp and saw on the screen they mirrored the physical counterparts so...
  5. The amp modelling isnt working and I cannot figure out why it isnt despite the fact there is absolutely no reason it shouldnt work. After unplugging the usb part of the jack fell off which leads my to believe the unit took some physical trauma while being shipped that didnt manifest cosmetically and the part of the unit that either controls the amp settings or the output jacks were damaged in some way that would lead to them not factoring the amp simulation into the sound. otherwise I have no clue because I have tried all the settings, updated drivers reset it and nothing has resulted in me hearing the amps functioning.
  6. The pod is clearly being overdriven by my audio interfaces as I had to boost the gain to even here it. However ignoring the gain, my issue is with the fact that the amp simulation clearly isnt working. The resulting tone is also the same as when I plug headphones in.
  7. I just purchased a used HD500x and have been having trouble getting useable tones out of it to say the least. It seems as if the unit is not simulating the amps i want or if it is is not effecting tone virtually at all. This tone was using the son of plexi with all the knobs at 12 with everything except the amp removed. The sound I got out sounded like I plugged my guitar straight into the board, maybe with a little more gain. The effects units work and the higher gain amps have more gain than the lower gain amps however I cannot shake it that the sound that I am getting is as if I plugged straight into the board and any variation between the amps is so slight and they dont seem to have any characteristic, it is not that I am saying the simulation isnt accurate, it just doesnt sound like my signal is being amplified or sent through the amps circuit. I need some help determining the cause. I put it into stereo direct mode and troublshot as much as I could. My cables, powersupply, headphones, audio interface do not seem to be the problem. I made it so input 1 is guitar and the other is mic, the impedence is at 22k, modifying any of these things makes no difference. In this attached file asdasd.mp3(WARNING THIS FILE IS EXTREMELY LOUD FOR SOME REASON TURN DOWN BEFORE LISTENING) the audio is constantly clipping, the only way to stop this is to lower the volume to unhearable levels. The problem is not the interface either as it makes no difference to plug my headphones directly in or into the interface, the tone is virtually the same, it doesn't sound like the amp sim is working. If anyone has has this issue or has resolved it I would greatly appreciate some help.
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