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  1. Hi Silverhead, Sorry for the slow response - thank you for the info; much appreciated - I have a Steinberg UR22 MkII USB Audio Interface (which I've yet to use!) - could I plug the variax straight into this or would I still need a separate DI?
  2. Hi everyone, I got a Variax Standard last week and I'm blown away by it. I'm selling my other electrics and considering picking up a backup one too as the range of sounds and the dimensions of the guitar itself are exactly what I've been looking for. My question is what is the next best bit of kit to get; I'm a hobby songwriter who is looking to start recording, I understand that the acoustic models don't sound their best through an electric guitar amp, and eventually I'd like to get a Firehawk/Helix, but for now my priority is to be able to start recording the various models, including the acoustic ones....so is the next step for me to get some sort of DI box that I can run into my PC? Will this be enough to accurately record these models? Are there any particular recording setups that you've found work well with the Variax? Apologies if these are basic questions, but the guitar has got me really wanting to finally get into recording all the tunes I've written over the years but never got round to doing anything with...
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