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  1. Stacking will probably just give you noise. I would run a couple of parallel amps with slightly different settings but same model and fuzz, and maybe slightly delay one of them to thicken up the tone.
  2. My understanding is his sound on this is many overdubs of a Muff Fuzz.
  3. Cabinets simulate speakers and microphones. Impulse responses, to the best I can explain, uses impulse recordings from speaker / mic combinations to then be processed. So IRs are not simulations. I have used both. I’ve found IRs to have a better overall presence, crispness and liveliness. When running them you can run at a higher quality and lower quality - I’ve only used the higher and never really compared the two to see if I hear a drastic difference. At the higher quality, IRs are more computationally intensive (so there is definitely a trade off to consider). I find that I have fewer delay options on my main templates and configurations. But I can usually tweak it to get enough computation / block space open. Many IR packs out there give lots of combinations (console recorded in / mic position / distance / microphone). While many are also there in the simulator, console isn’t. And there is often more microphones. So you can be overwhelmed with options (which I find distracts from the creative process). in the end, I’ve not looked back after switching to IRs.
  4. I recently purchased an IR pack from Choptones. Given the vast number of mic configurations and so on, does anyone know if there is a guide to the naming conventions used in the files? I've been able to figure out some (such as console and some of the mic placements), but there are some that don't seem easy to guess what they represent.
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