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  1. Hi, Newbee HX Stomp question here. I love the concept of Snapshots but am struggling managing the volume between the three. For example I downloaded Clean to Lead from Custom Tone. Snapshot 1 is a clean tone, #2 includes added distortion and other effects, and #3 is the same original tone with added drive and effects sufficient for a lead. Right now #1 is very shallow and I can hardly hear it, while the lead tone on #3 is way too loud. #2 on the other hand is perfect volume. If I go to #1 and increase volume parameters, the changes I make there impact all the other Snapshots. I would like to independently configure the volume on one Snapshot so that it doesn't impact the other Snapshots. Is that possible? Or should I not bother with Snapshots and instead create three separate tones in A/B/C that are completely independent of each other and where I can adjust the volume to my liking on each? Thanks
  2. I am a Line 6 user and have enjoyed my HD500 board for many years. I realize though I only use about 10% of its capability and I'd like to downsize to something smaller. Im also a Variax owner, but I am considering selling it and moving back to a traditional classic electric. Here is my typical set up on the HD500 in a live setting (church). I primarily focus on 2 banks with 4 tones (acoustic, clean electric, electric with more drive and effects, and then a solo). I also occasionally use another bank with all acoustic effects, and then one with all electric effects. I love how my HD500 allows me to easily use the foot switches to bounce between the different banks. I would love to get a Stomp, however Im unclear how I can obtain a similar set up where I can change between banks without bending down in a live setting. Im also toying with a Gigboard. I like it that it has 4 foot switches. The touch screen menu driven interface seems to be more intuitive then the Stomp. Im not sure how it allows you to move between banks either though. Your help is appreciated. Thanks
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