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  1. Hi! just curious... is someone else playing the pod hd just with the pedal simulations? One day, fiddling with amp settings - digging deep with the meambobo guide - I disabled the amp by accident - and there it was - the killer warm sound full of life with just the tube drive and the mid focus eq (for the fizz) comming out of the attached active monitors. Ever since then I'm using the tube drive or the line 6 distortion as the main "amp" . E.g. two tube drives in a row gives a very distinctive warm but heavy distortion. My days of tweaking these ridiculous lifeless default amp settings of the pod hd are over.
  2. this is an smd capacitor. 220µF 10V. The bottom plate is missing. For the size code you have to measure the diameter and compair it to a datasheet Panasonic smd cap. By the way... the black paint is the negative polarity marking (-). You should go to an electronic store with the sample and ask for a replacement... and since you thought this was a transistor you should get a technician to repair your device. You need some skills to solder an smd capacitor on the pcb by hand.
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