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  1. Hello guys, Im currently using helix lt to record stuff trough Reaper DAW, using usb interface of helix, and i came a cross with the problem of sound replication. I use the helix lt mainly as a pedal, because i live a lot of my amp and the overdrive of the amp is also very good. With that in mind, i want to record my guitar with the sound that i use, the amp sound, is there a way to do it? If i connect the amp trough 1/4 out , does it pass trough USB? or do i have to put the amp trough the guitar input? Sorry guys, you probably are going to hate on me for using it as a pedal! haha
  2. Well, im used to use a BOSS ME-50 straight to computer and in spite of not being made to record like this it record decent...Helix is made to record straight from the pedalboard... this volume is very low... the master will not help if the volume is low from the start. If this was the case i should get the same volume as you...
  3. So, i have added the dafault cab, turn off the bypass of the amp, and record it this time in another program, Audacity, its the same, very quiet. why is the sound so low, is it possible the usb connection is malfunctioning? test3.mp3
  4. So, My guitar is a Jazzmaster 2019 with humbuckers alnico 5 Lastest firmware 2.81.1 Im not using any Impulse response, from what i understand that requires a special kind of speaker FRFR something-.. I tried using a default patch, FACTORY1 -> 09A Solo Lead Clean and recorded playing hard on the strings and this came out. same as my custom patch Note that i before recording used the headphones on the helix and it sounded LOUD, i had to turn down the wheel , its kinda clean sound but in the pc it lowers it... Set 1.hlx test2.mp3
  5. Hello, i currently use the helix for pedalboard, that goes to my amp head, simple, that sound is ok, i have to tune it up ,but when i try to use it on usb to FL Studio it plays super low, i have to amp the output for USB 1/2 but the sound distorts, and every amp simulator has gain , i dont know why. I tried, installing new version of everything (ASIO, Helix, Helix drivers) and when i plug the helix straight to the pc the sound is super low, i saw online , and people arent getting this issue, its very frustrating. Please help me. I can give you more details of what i tried I have made recording of this problem. first is plug straight of my preset (that i use with the amp, so all pedals without amp+cabs) then i used a amp+cab and it have distortion, and im using clean amps, all distort. And the last i boosted a clean amp+cab and it DISTORTS TOO!!! test.mp3
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