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  1. Hi - I recently upgraded to a second hand G90 and TBP 12 - the G90 is in great condition and I knew when I bought if that the TBP12 was in a "road worn" condition (I only saw photos). Generally the TBP12 works but under certain conditions the batteries obviously disconnect for a moment and the signal drops as the unit powers back up (pressure on the battery door or a bit of a knock on the unit) Unfortunately running around the crowd at a gig caused this to happen :) Searching through the forums I see that this is not an uncommon issue even in new units. I did try putting a Velcro strap round the battery door to cinch it tight but this actually seemed to make it worse / more likely to occur. I was thinking of replacing the TBP12 with a new pack (and keeping this one as a fall back) but if the new one does the same is it actually worth it. ?? TIA Johnny
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