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  1. The Global EQ has HPF and LPF as part of it. Thats why I’m asking if the Global section is first or last. I know i can use the EQ block and move it to the front of the path, i used to do that with my HFX, but my thinking was if the Global is first then the HPF will already be in the right place. Thanks for the info.
  2. Using HX Edit to save out some patches. I cant load them in to a HFX though. Even a blank patch from my Stomp seems incompatible. If this normal? Everything is using the latest 2.91 FW.
  3. Still weighing up getting rid of my Stomp for a Pod Go next month. Most of the positive boxes are ticked. This question isnt a deal breaker, but I’d like to know I’m planning on using my Becos Comp in the Fx loop, i just prefer it as it has a meter and sounds good. Was thinking of using it at the start of each patch (ill only be using maybe 4 patches max). I hope the HPF is before the first block in the patch but cant find this info. This would then mimic closely my pedalboard that has a micro Thumpinator at the start. Not a big deal if its at the end i guess, i use it on my Stomp and it works well, although ive not use my Comp with the Stomp. Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks. That's what I'm doing at the moment, but as I'm also going to be using the Graphic i might not need the Low/high cut block.
  5. The ones I'm referring to are called Low/High shelf and one called Low and High Cut.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Is there a reason you don't use the dedicated effects?
  7. Ive been using a Stomp for a while, and have the Global HPF set to 30hz. Works fine. Using a passive Bass in to a Quilter BB800, in to a Fearless F112. No PA support so backline proving it all. Ive just got the Effects version, as its easier to use live. Obviously it doesn't have the Global option so ill need to put a block in. My question is which is the favoured one to use, as i noticed there are two dedicated EQ filters. I appreciate they are different but im not 100% sure which is the better one for getting rid of the sub low end. Thanks for any tips.
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