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  1. I can't remember exactly when I bought the amp, I just know it was over 10 years because I had it with me when I left the Army. The amp is apart, and I can't see any sign of blown components, to it does seem more likely that it's the IC that's failed, which is a damned shame. Time to start saving for a new amp, I suppose...
  2. Hi, I've had my Spider II for well over 10 years, but it won't output to the main drivers, only to the headphone jack. The main drivers pop when I turn the amp on, so I know there's at least some connection. I've tried resetting the amp's settings (losing my precious settings in the process, booooo), but this hasn't fixed it. I'm relatively experienced in electronics, so where would I begin looking? I suspect this might have happened when my cousin's 3 year old kid was playing near my amp. I think he might have plugged my guitar lead into both the input and output jacks. Is there a fuse or something I should check?
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