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  1. Yes - exactly! I did the same, bought an adaptor but it was loose so sometimes would turn off in the middle of a set, leaving me waiting for it to power up again... And it makes the whole assembly big and clunky. I have just bought exactly what stevenangier suggested. Just plugged it in and it seems to be doing the trick, and is quite sturdy and slimline too - perhaps even better than the original, minus the reassuring LED. Sure I was hoping for an even cheaper solution but $24 aint bad. Thanks for that stevenangier!
  2. Also, amenity421, thanks but it seems they are not the same judging by the photos
  3. That's exactly it CrOOkedScheMeR! Well it's good to know my pain is shared, even though we now just have 2 people who need one!
  4. Hi all, When I got my HX Stomp it came with a number of attachments for the power supply to work in different countries. But I left the Australian adaptor behind in some socket somewhere. I wondered - anyone got an Australian one hanging around that they'll never need? I mean, Australia's not even letting anyone in at the moment so you're not likely to need it anytime soon! Happy to pay a reasonable price for it. Yamaha have said they don't sell them separately and it seems wasteful to buy a whole extra one, or a cumbersome US to Australia adaptor. Thanks in advance.
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