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  1. HELLO EVERYONE, I m new to the Line 6 Equipment therefore i m totally reliable on you tube and on the friends at the LINE SUPPORT for my tones.. Although it has been a couple of months since it got it (POD HD 500) and also used it live but i m not able to get that Crunch on my gain effect and the Cleans in my chorus effect. So kindly requesting to provide me with a perfect signal chain/Pedal order where i can get my Cleans n Gains perfectly on stage. Also to mention presently I m using the following chain. Comp=>Drive=>Reverb=>Volume Pedal=>Chorus=>Wah (for louder cleans)=> Delay=>Mod(PHASER)=>Amp(disabled)=>Mixer Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks a lot @pianoguyy @hurghanico your suggestions worked too good. Got a mind blowing output throughout the gig. Both of u made my day.. :-) tc
  3. Thank you for your imidiate response i will surely try it while i m going through my amp. Actually i forgot to mention that i want to directly connect it to the mixer board without going through an amp @ hurghanico
  4. Hello thank you for your quick response, i m planning it to connect directly to the Mixer Board @ joel_brown. Also please suggest which will be the best output slot the Unbalanced one or the XLR ones. Thank you
  5. Hi, Can anyone suggest me which combination of output option should i select while performing live onstage ? Thanks .
  6. Thanks a lot for the quick response and help@ hurghanico... It helped me a lot in choosing the correct amp
  7. Thanks a lot brother@pianoguyy... now after spending some time wid my equipment i have found my dream tone n that too without a tube amp..:-) thanks again
  8. Hello friends, I m a new user of Line6 POD HD500X so i can't understand which of these are tube amps . Kindly suggest me some good combo of tube amps and cabinets for a CRUNCHY HARD ROCK tone. Thanks
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