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  1. While, if you want to recover data, you can just download data recovery tool, I think the Bitwar Data Recovery software is a good choice, or you can try initialinzing it again, the issue maybe you do not initialize it properly.
  2. I have met similar issue before, and my method is to update the Motherboard’s Chipset Driver , here are the steps, hope can also help you. Step 1: Go to the Motherboard’s manufacturer website and find the latest Chipset Driver and then download it, follow the tutorial to update the driver. If you don’t know which manufacturer is, simply review from your computer’s document. Step 2: Restart the computer and check whether your USB malfunctioned issue persisted or not. By the way, you can make a backup in advance, I don't know why I lost all my data on the process, and I have to apply the Bitwar to recover them. Anyway, hope you can solve the problem soon.
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