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  1. Perfect, thank you! Did not know you could press the selector encoder to see the speakers selected! Great info
  2. OK, I think i got it now. Pwrcab 212 + has about 35 presets. I was trying to access the presets from Helix. Apparently I cannot do that. I need to manually assign speaker models to each speaker. I would not have figured that out without all the above responses, thank you.
  3. Update complete, same issue. Still cant access all speaker cab configurations for some reason
  4. You're right! It was 2.81, Im updating firmware now.
  5. Yes Its all up to date
  6. Im using (Helix LT.), (L6 Link Cable), into a (PC 212+). It can remotely access all the Speaker models in the PC+ and program them into my presets but I can't seem to use the over half of Speaker Models, specifically, the combo models. (i.e. Vintage/Cream, Lecto/Dino etc..). Helix doesn't seem to recognize any combination of Speaker Model in the PC 212+ Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way it is? PC+ 212 (V 2.00) Helix LT. (V 2.8)
  7. Thank you, JLondon! After reading your response I approached it differently and got a lot further. The answer was the level adjustment in the Output block. Confusing to me because when using two 1/4" cables I just increased the INPUT gain on the PC+ to get my signal to clip easily. For an old analog guy diving in to this digital stuff is a challenge. Too many different ch. volumes, input gains, output gains ect.. for a dummy like me to wrap my head around. I didn't even realize the Output block was a thing lol. So i guess the game now is to find the right balance between the PC+ INPUT gain, Helix OUTPUT block level and the big VOLUME output knob on front of Helix? Thanks again.
  8. Just got the L6 Link cable for my new powercab212+ and Helix LT. Before I started using L6 Link I was able to set the clipping levels on the PwrCab. After incorporating the new Cable the clipping indicators on the PwrCab just stay Green now. Cant get it to clip at all!! What the heck is going on with that? I'm really confused. -Gibby
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