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  1. Im using the Helix 1/4 outs at INST level. Still, if i keep the "instrument level" knob in the RC505 at 12'oclock (which i guess would be unit) the clipping light turns on often. If i turn it down to stop the clipping, the volume gets really quit. Also, part of the reason i decided to use the helix, was to use its stereo capabilities, so yes i use both outs in the helix. Before this i used a rc30 and i used the stereo channels to split my signal, so i had guitar stuff going to an amp and keyboard and beats going to another channel, to FOH. My idea here was to put everything together in stereo and get rid of the amp, reason why i bought helix and rc505. Perhaps i can take some pictures next time to show you how my setup looks like. I guess with headphones im happy with it, but it doesnt translate well in the rehearsal room. Im a bit scared of going on stage with this
  2. OKAY so I've got some updates. Last night i took my studio reference monitors (JBL LSR305 MKII) to the rehearsal room, to see if they sounded better than the huge JBL spekaers we have there. I bypassed the RC505 first, tried sending the signal from the helix to my steinberg audio interface and from that to the monitors, and also tried directly from the helix to the monitors. The sound was OK. I had the volume on max, but it was not that loud. I good some usable tones, but obviously nothing like playing with an amp, which is weird but i could get used to it with time. Then i plugged the RC505 and this is where the problems started. Right off the bat, there was a huge drop in volume. Also, i had to keep the "input knob" really really low, or else the clipping light would turn on. To compensate for the lack of volume i hate to turn up the volume on the mixing desk quite a lot, but the sound was no doubt harsher than the one directly plugged in from to helix. After so much money and time invested, im affraid i will have to abandon this setup. I don't think my RC505 is faulty, but the whole thing together does not sound like i want it to. I know this is not a forum to discuss RC505 so I will not bore you with that. I was trying to have a setup similar to tash sultana's latest one. She uses a helix and RC505, however her sounds are just top notch quality. My stuff sounds fake and weak at this point, maybe with some expert close to me i could get it to sound better but its giving me a big headache right now. One last question i guess: in my tech rider, i have the indication that from the RC505, the sound needs to go through 2 di's (stereo), would this help with the volume compensation? Thank you all for helping
  3. This is what worries me the most. The fact that it doesnt "feel" like an amp can really affect my playing, as im not feeling the sound in the same way. Also, these 15" speakers are the biggest ones i have, so the only way to simulate stage volume (this rig was meant for live concert scenarios). If it may never sound good at all, what if you go to a venue that only has speakers like these? What do you do then? With a real amp, you can always just crank it up if its a small venue, with this you are stuck with the speakers they have
  4. Thank you so much for your in depth answer! The tweeds were indeed broken so we fixed them last week, thats why I stopped rehearsin in my bedroom and went back to the rehearsal room. They sound good with music from my phone, even guitar based music. My helix output is INST level. Regarding the BIG KNOB, i've always been a bit confused... I've seen people saying i should leave it at full volume, other people saying 12 o'clock... I have been leaving it at 12 oclock lately. Im using humbuckers with the pad on. Now, about the big chords empy preset thing: When i strum the big chord, is this as loud as I should let my signal be? So when i add an amp and distortion, it cannot go over that volume? My other presets, the ones the sound the best, they are MUCH louder than this level. Like... if i play the same chord i have to turn the master volume way down the RC505 has a "instrument level" knob, which i have to keep fairly low to avoid clipping. It has a clipping red light so IN THEORY, if it clips there, i would know. However the helix does not have this red indicator so i never know if my helix is clipping or not
  5. Good evening everyone! I am a solo looping artist, and guitar is my main instrument. I recently upgraded my setup. Right now , this is how it goes: Guitar goes into Helix, Helix jack out stereo into RC505 Inst In . I also have other instruments going into the RC505 AUX (this is one of the reasons why i dont have it inside Helix as a FX LOOP). At home I manage to get OK tones. In my rehearsal room, playing at stage level, it all goes donwill. Im really struggling to get usable tones...Everything just sounds so fake and digital, feels nothing like an amp! I get really ugly high end distortion, akin to when your DAW is overloading your CPU. My monitors are JBL m350 mk2 btw. At this point i have tried everything I could think of. I have made my own presets, downloaded others from the internet, tried low cut 250 and high cut as low as 5k-8k, playing around with input levels on mixing desk, RC505, helix... nothing seems to work. At this point its unplayable and i just cant get a good enough sound to even feel what im playing. Maybe this is in vein, but perhaps someone with a similar setup has some tips? Is there anyway to know if helix is clipping? From a block to another, perhaps?? Or maybe RC505 leveling tips with the helix? I dont even know... Thank you so much in advance!
  6. Just noticed that i was covering the ventilation holes underneath, since i am using the helix on a pedalboard. Perhaps overheating caused it? Idk, its weird. It happened when i did something in the "MODE" menu
  7. Thank you for the reply! And sorry for the clickbaity title I was very frustrated at the moment. The first question im not sure what it means I am on 2.81. Everything is backed up yes. Was wondering if this is a common glitch or if i should be worried...
  8. Hey everyone. So i just spent 1200 EUR on this top quality piece of technology, yet 2 days in i'm already facing a HUGE problem. I seriously hope I am being stupid and pressed some wrong button . Basically, i was at my band practice, and all of the sudden the parameters (like time, gain, depth etc) on the pedals wouldnt change on the screen, however the sound changed. Also, when i pressed buttons, the lights wouldnt change, even though i could hear the pedal turning on or off. I tried creating a new preset and added just 1 pedal and the same thing happened. I turned the helix off and back on and it went back to normal. HOWEVER, this is no fix. If this happened to me during a live set, i would be f***d. Am i being stupid? Did I do something wrong? You help is much appreciated.
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