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  1. Oh damn - it does?? You're right, I didn't know! Because, I did find it so ODD that there was no "resonance" to be found anywhere, it's like the most basic feature of a filter after the cutoff control. :D Now i'm excited. I sense a solution in the horizon here! Will have to check immediately when I get back to the studio. Thank you SO much for your assistance, TTKFIRST!
  2. Unfortunately there's no resonance setting on autofilter, nor the other filters that also have a frequency cutoff control. But apart from that autofilter worked great with sensitivity on 0. To be honest in a "perfect world" I'd also want a "min" and "max" setting on the filter range, but that *can* be achieved with similar settings on the pedal hardware. However, resonance is greatly missed.
  3. Ahh - set sensitivity to 0... Of course! Thanks a lot, ttkfirst!
  4. Again - thanks so much for your patience Kilrahi. You have the dubious honour of being my first Helix friend :) I've discovered in the meantime just what you say here, that indeed the 3rd party offerings are just tweaks, not additions. Would be real cool if Line 6 opened up their API so external pedal producers could offer virtual versions of their pedals. Anyways, another thing I've realized is that it seems that all(?) tweakable pedal parameters (knobs) can be assigned to the pedal - and THAT opens up a HOST of opportunities I was unaware of! I thought the pedal were only usable for predefined functions. I still really do wish a standard dedicated filter with hipass/lopass and resonance (and that's it) were featured though. Here's hoping for future updates. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you so much for the reply, Kilrahi! Since you ask, and since I am so new to the Helix, I do of course now become unsure and I will check again at first convenience, but I do feel that I did inspect the tools in that directory (filters) particularly carefully, since that's where a lopass filter should logically be found. I'll have a look again, thanks. Also, I've seen 3rd party amp packs, but no pedals? Else I could seek on that market too.
  6. Hi all! As a new Helix owner I am in the process of trying to set up a board that to an as great extent as possible can reflect my set of physical pedals. At least in the same ballpark. I realize some of the more exotic ones, like the Digitech Dirty Robot, is just plain unrealistic to recreate. But I've stumbled across one that I thought would be pretty straightforward: The Moog MF Drive. In essence it's just a lopass filter controllable via an expression pedal (and a drive on top but never mind that part, that's well covered). I have searched everywhere after a filter where the cutoff frequency is controlled with the expression pedal, but for one I've not really fond any plain lopass filters, and under "filters" I find only automated ones. A wah sounds very different even though the principle is similar. The lopass filter goes much deeper than a regular wah and sounds different. Is there a trick/setting to make the automated filters manually controlled instead? Or are there other ways to create an effect of a traditional classic plain filter that is found on all synths (for example)?
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