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  1. Yes. But not any help. Jason, Line 6, said there is no Pilot’s guide to the ‘remote app’ as of yet. Then he referred me to the video on YouTube, “Interacting with Spider V | Line 6,” which is more of a amp marketing video. The video is 6:42 min long and the remote amp isn’t discussed until 4:50 min. And ends at 5:12 min. The demo person says, “If you are happy with a sound you can save it.” But he doesn’t show you how to do it. Really? When I bought my first car, computer, wife and English setter I got user manuals. I threw the ones out for my wife and dog as they quickly got outdated.
  2. I submitted a trouble ticket in order to find this hidden "Spider Remote Pilot's Guide." In the Overview section of the Spider V Family Pilot's Guide it states one is "available for download at https://line6.com/manuals. Well, there are only manuals for hardware, not apps. I am figuring it out as I use the app, trial and error, but I'm wasting a lot of time and still have many questions. By reading all the posts it appears I am not alone. I don't think this manual exists. Creating user manuals isn't that difficult. I've done many. it's a matter of making outline of the various functions, describing what you want the reader to understand for each function, capturing screen shots/snippets from various devices, pasting them into the document, drawing arrows, circles or boxes to call attention to a specific information, and then writing the procedures to follow for each function.
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