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  1. Cheers man. I picked up this ux1 for 20€ off flea bay and now waiting for it to arrive. Apart from the lack of phantom power, it seems to be a decent package with the software. Just hoping there won't be any latency problems playing, recording and monitoring with amp and effects on.
  2. Cheers Gaz I'm missing something when you say you record a dry signal. Why? Are you saying that if you record a guitar track through the UX1 with a PodFarm amp and some effects, then that's what you're stuck with? Surely the recorded track is just a simple wav (a dry signal as you put it) with PodFarm then processing it as any other VST in your DAW. That's the way it works with every other amp sim software I've ever seen. In fact, does one have to use PodFarm with the UX1? Is it not just a simple A-D-D-A interface? I actually have a spare licence for S-Gear, so I'd like to put that on my lad's computer. TIA! EDIT: Wait a moment.. Are you saying you record a blank track in order to get the amp/effects sounds you want BEFORE you then go for a take?
  3. Hi Just ordered a 2nd-hand UX1 for my son who's just getting started out with playing guitar. Few questions, please: Is an audio track fully tweakable after recording? Can you change the amp model? Can you turn off all the POD Farm processing altogether and just have what is essentially a bare-bones guitar audio track? Can you use PodFarm as an effects unit on other pre-recorded audio tracks? Say a snare drum or a keyboard track? He'll be using a Think Pad T61 2.8 dual-core, 4GB, 2 hard drives, USB2, Sonar X2 which I've set up just as a DAW. Is 24-bit 48k going to be realistic? How's the latency with these units? How many tracks would he be able to record realistically? Many thanks! Lou
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