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  1. hello good people need help. I realize that the topic can be tiring but it can't cope with it and I'm slowly going out of my mind;) I suspect that for some it is probably a simple matter. I am asking for help. I have POD HD PRO and a midi foot controller of the Polish manufacturer MARK L CUSTOMS model FC-21. A very nice and easy to use midi controller, it is controlled by a G Lab device model MGC 6. It is a switcher with 6 loops. After selecting the midi 1 channel in the FC-21 controller by setting the same midi 1 channel in the MGC 6, the controller ideally switches channels. I want to add POD HD PRO to this system. I would like to program it so that when I press the first midi foot controller button FC-21 read on the POD HD preset 1A, if I press the second button on the controller it reads on the POD HD preset 1B and so on ... POD HD PRO connected in G LAB switcher in midi out / true output. As for the POD HD PRO setting and what to write in it, I have absolutely no idea that it would work. Will you help friends ??? unfortunately I do not understand the operating instructions of POD
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