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  1. I' m higly over 50, (you are true :-) ) and i work in recording studios , and obviously i play Guitar, so i know Electric guitars range, and yes, I do not like the fizz... but something different are the acoustic, who likes high harmonics. My question was about using the hx stomp as a sound card, and listen through It other instruments like violins, hihat Who own a lot of very High frequencies. My question was: what about the accuracy of the sound card? Is there a cut filter? Thanks everybody
  2. Ear test, i have a Rme sound card and with it i can ear till 20000 hz, with the stomp i can't ear nothing above the 14000hz. Is there a kind of High cut? Or maybe i have problems with my Stomp?
  3. Hi, do anyone know the soundcard' s frequency range of the helix stomp? I did some tests and i found nothing over 14000 hz
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