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  1. I am trying to use my POD Hd500x as an audio interface. I want to use it for ableton live or FL studio also for Guitar Amp softwares like Guitar Rig, Bias FX 2, amplitube etc. In any of the DAW or Guitar Amp software when I select ASIO driver and ASIO POD Hd500x as an input and output, after some seconds the BSOD occurs. But when I select DirectSound driver with ASIO POD Hd500x as an input and output, then No BSOD problem but to get the clear sound (in guitar rig, bias FX, amplitube) I have to increase the buffer size above 1024 which cause a huge amount of latency. My question is How can I use ASIO driver with ASIO Pod hd 500x as an input and output without any BSOD ( I am using windows 10 ) Please help. Thank you.
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