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  1. I tried plugging in my amp to the computer with the transmitter in, but it does not detect it. I read in another post here that the only way the transmitter will be recognised is via the dock/receiver. So looks like I may have a faulty unit. Have logged a support ticket with Line 6
  2. Hi All, I recently purchased a Line 6 G10-T transmitter only to pair with my Yamaha THRII 30 wireless amp. The Yamaha amp is fully compatible with the Line 6 transmitter. I plugged the transmitter into the amp and it charges fine, blinking green, then went a solid steady green which according to the manual is fully charged. I then connected the transmitter to my Fender Strat and it worked fin, but after 10 seconds it immediately starts flashing/blinking red, which according to the manual states that less than 30 mins of charge remains, it still works fine, but just blinks. When I connect back to my amp, it shows solid green, so for some reason when its connected to the guitar, it seems to think its low on battery. Any ideas on what might be causing this? I note there is a firmware upgrade, but you only seem to be able to do this if you have the dock, which you can connect to the PC. I have the transmitter only so I am not sure how I can even upgrade the firmware. Any help would be appreciated. I have already logged a support case with Line 6, but I figured someone here may know the answer Thanks
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