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  1. Apologies if this has been asked before. This could sound like a stupid question. But I dont know what else to try. My partner recently bought an Amplifi TT. Its been upgraded to firmware 2.50.2, and I've been told not to upgrade to 2.6 as its buggy. I've turned it on, paired it on with an Android phone, and thats synced fine with the Amp, but choosing a preset, such as Lead The Way, or AC/DC, nothing happens. There is no sound, and nothing from the guitar. Its almost as if its not picking up the guitar is plugged in. I've tried a factory reset. Upgraded the firmware via Bluetooth, to a lower version in the hope of having to reinstall each firmware. Of course that lost the app, so upgraded the firmware via a PC back to 2.50 and still nothing happens. I'm sure I'm not doing something, or missing a step. I just am hoping that I dont have an expensive brick right now.
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