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  1. I think the confusion comes from using multi fx pedals with an amp out on them carrying all the signal. But then again it's not totally obvious. Happy jamming now!
  2. Outer? Phone thinks it knows it all. That should be other not outer. Happy jamming!
  3. Hi! Got it sorted out. You do not get the Bluetooth signal from the Amp Out on the back. You can get the Bluetoooth signal mixed with your guitar if you use the headphones out on the front plugged into your amp. I knew it would be something simple. I think the outer outputs mix the two as well but still to try them out.
  4. I've got the same problem with the Amplifi TT. I can control the guitar FX but I get no sound from any of the music I try to play through it. I've tried an android phone and tablet but both have the same problem. Bluetooth connection is good. How do I get sound for the music I want to play along with? If you get an answer let me know. FX wise its pretty good. I did get an invalid token message. Your guess is as good as mine on what that means. I've been on here for half an hour trying to find out without much success. It's a pretty poor layout for a site like this and that worries me. Here's hoping it's a simple solution!
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