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  1. I mean first of all, I have a brand new Helix LT and it's absolutely unbelievable. I really don't have any words that do it justice, it's pushed me into recording and I did what all the cool kids are doing - fired up Reaper. The LT is plugged in via USB to my PC (a decently powerful Windows 10 box, all drivers and necessary software up to date). Headphones plugged in to the back of the Helix, the settings are right as far as I know (1-8 wet-dry), latency is killing me though. It's about 40-50ms, which is enough to put me off. Am I right in how I'm approaching it? Does anyone have any screenshots of their Reaper setup that works perfectly for them? I'm open to the possibility I may need to pick up some hardware upgrades, I'm not above that. Thanks folks!
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