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  1. Think you’re missing my point here. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with using a VDI cable, only that I would like to have the choice of pulling out a stereo cable and plugging my guitar in with it if I felt inclined to do that... I find it frustrating that I’m not given that choice so puleeeez, enough with the "why (on earth) would you want to do that"? The point is that I WANT to do that, and I can't, because Line 6 won't allow me to!
  2. loobmandsd

    Variax power.

    I own several Variax guitars including a 300, a 700 (my favourite), a JTV 69 and an acoustic 700 (second favourite). Apart from the JTV they all need a power supply and of course even the JTV will run on the same power supply if the battery is flat. I recently went to look at the new Helix... and was amazed to find it cannot power a Variax guitar! I was incredulous. Why would the latest (and indeed so many other) products from Line six not have a power supply for what must surely be the most adaptable guitar you can plug into it? And indeed why has nobody noticed the power supply is missing? Everyone on here talks about updating and so on and I know that certain Line 6 products include a ‘Variax’ interface, but I for one don’t need workbench onstage, and I don’t want to worry about having an Ethernet cable plugged in for live performances. What I WOULD like onstage would be to plug my guitar straight into my amp and have power on my 700 thank you very much. That could so easily be done with a nice simple quarter inch stereo jack with 9 volt power, now would that be so difficult? Plug and play, Line 6 guitar to Line 6 amp, without all the gubbins. Line 6 could have easily done that with the old ‘Kidney bean’ pod way back when the first Variax guitars hit the streets years ago. Instead it seems even if I shell out for a brand new Helix I’ll still have to carry a switchbox and power supply transformer for the 700, the acoustic or even if I’ve forgotten to charge the battery in the JTV. Here’s the thing, a new Line 6 amp will not power an old Line 6 Variax guitar, and just for the sake of a stereo jack. Now please Line six tell me, why is that?
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