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  1. Hey everyone. A few months ago I picked up a SR250 second hand. While I'm loving it, I have a couple questions. 1. To power on the Variax controls, I have to press the Variax knob on the guitar quite hard. I've played other Variax guitars before and I don't ever remember having to press this hard. Sometime I have to press and hold for quite a while. If it doesnt turn on, I have to release and try again. Could there be something wrong with knob? 2. I did my first string change on it. I think were D'Addario 10-46s (thats what comes stock, right?). I swapped them out for Silnky 10-46s. After swapping, I noticed my tracking, particularly above the 10th fret, sounds pretty bad. I don't really have a great way of describing it other than it sounds quite metallic, "warbly", and just a bit like a low bit rate MP3. It's especially bad with distortion. The guitar is tuned to E standard but I mostly play in D standard or D standard with drop C. 3. Since I mostly play in D standard, I was thinking of switching to 11-52 strings. Would heavier string help tracking at all? If I do want to play in E standard, does the Variax handle transposing up pretty well? Any thoughts on those issues?
  2. Hi Everyone! I just picked up a use Shuriken SR250 and I'm absolutely loving it so far! But, I'm having a weird issue. Let me preface this by saying I'm posting in here because I think this may a Workbench HD issue. For some reason, my Jazz and Acoustic presets are swapped. In Workbench HD, they are listed under the correct categories. But, on my guitar, the "Jazz" preset has the acoustic sounds and the "Acoustic" preset has the jazz sounds. I have done a factory reset and that didn't help. Is there anyway I can swap them?
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