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  1. Trying to get Line 6 FBV Express MK2 guitar pedal (midi controller for guitar effects hardware and software) to control a plugin in Logic Pro X. I've tried following directions and other resources but can't seem to get the pedal, for example, wah effect from Amplitude 4 to be controlled by the pedal when the Amplitude app is used as a plugin inside Logic Pro x( 10.4.4), works as stand-alone but I can't seem to "map"/"Midi learn" inside the daw,. The "midi learn" in the control surface setup on the daw only responds to what I do on Logic Pro itself and not the pedal controlling the plugin. Do I map via the Daw or within the Amplitude4 itself or both? I can't seem to get the learn feature inside the plugin itself to recognize or react to the pedal, I assume I'm suppose to be trying to program the "Control Surface function" in Locis pro? What am I missing? I simply want to use the pedal to control wah and other parameters of Amplitude4 plugin, WHIE it is being used as a plugin on an audio track intended for live guitar, works fine when used in standalone. Thanks
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