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  1. I can't export my presets, or make a back up at all because of this error. Here's what happened: I bought some new IR:s and downloaded them to my computer at my studio, that uses OS 10.10 and downloaded the latest HX edit from your website. So far I'd used HX edit on my laptop that uses OS 10.13.6. I uploaded the IR:s and everything seemed to work well, until I tried saving the preset I'd been working on and this "Error initializing code 8201" showed up. It said that Helix needed to be properly initialized (what ever that means...?). I'd spent the the whole week creating the presets and I had made two different user banks. One (USER1) for presets that use Amp&cab simulations and one (USER3) that doesn't. Idea is to use the same exact presets when playing through an amp (USER3) and when playing straight to the PA system. I unplugged the USB from Helix and started editing the sounds manually. Now when ever I change anything in USER3, the same preset changes in USER1, even if I change the names of the presets. So far the only solution I've found was to individually save the USER3 sounds to USER5 bank. Now when I reboot the Helix the presets stay the same. It seems to me that there's something seriously wrong with my Helix and I guess the best way would be to delete everything and start all over again. However, Helix won't allow me to do the backup as I mentioned earlier. I really don't want to loose all of my presets that I've worked so hard for. I bought my Helix 12.11.2019 and haven't made a backup. What should I do???
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