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    Edit Mode Order

    Evening all, is there a way to change the order of blocks while in "Edit Mode" Quick run through; I have held down Mode switch to enter edit mode, and I have quite a few blocks in my preset, many of which I don't want to edit. My delay is on page 2 so i have to tap dance onto page 2 to be able to control the feedback with my foot. The block itself is in footswitch 2 in stomp box mode and snapshot mode so I can activate it easily enough, its just the editing or footswtich control that is the issue. In stomp box or snapshot mode you can use the capacitance touch on 2 switches to swap them without changing the signal chain which is great and really easy. Is there a way of me moving my delay to page 1 without it having an effect on the signal chain? I feel it would be a great addition to be able to hold down the footswitch on any given block and go straight into edit mode, but holding down currently doesn't do anything. I have found a way to just assign the feedback control to the footswitch. Still would like to know if there is another option. Cheers
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