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  1. Works fine. I did the hack. Took me back about 45 years to programming SBCs at Uni! I'd just got fed up with using my phone and came hunting to see if there was a way to redirect the test and here it was. Excellent! Probably worth pointing out that by default TinyHexer is in Insert mode and you need to press Insert to flip to Overwrite. Line6 - please just take the code out! No need for such a hacky test for Internet access depending on other company's servers maintaining a service.
  2. I went through this palaver last year. Had it set up and working and then it just dropped out and never worked since. I've tried kicking firewalls into touch just in case, and now have a brand new PC with barely any software on it, minimal configuration, so just Cubase and a few utilities. Raised a ticket, had some to and fro with them. Support know there is a problem, there is no fix so they just make suggestions off a list that aren't going to work. The Windows interface is much easier to use for me than my phone. There is a horrible workaround of saving via the Spider - edit on Windows, store on the Spider, then store on the Cloud via phone, but that's too much grief for something that should work. I think the Helix is getting all the love at the moment, and they don't seem too bothered about their reputation. Great products, but if you can't be confident that they are going to invest in support, I'd certainly think carefully about buying further products from Line 6. It's not like the Android version is bug free - it loses its login but doesn't know it, so then saves don't work. You then have to log out and log in again to get it to work. I'm sure they've known of that problem for a year or more. It doesn't inspire confidence that they also know that they have a basic install problem not installing the 32 bit 2013 VC++ redistributable which is an install program fix and they haven't resolved that (I hit it on my new PC install).
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