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  1. You are the man for sure. Thank you so much. This thing is crazy fun to play with. Thanks again for all your help.....Dan
  2. Ok. I did all that and still nothing. I have the black pod UX2. I did get the Farm Pod to install. Meters light on but get no signal at all. Guitar is plugged in with a tested chord and still nothing. I don't know if its input or output problems I tried the "analog out" to a powered speakers sound bar and have tried "headphone out" (both from the UX2) to the computers multimedia speakers. Like I said I have know idea what I'm doing and really don't know much computer lingo. Thanks again for your time......Dan
  3. Ok people I'm probably in the wrong form but here goes. I just traded for a Line 6 UX2 without any softwear or instructions. I can't get it to work. What do I need to do get this working? I'm not very computer skilled so if you could keep it simple that would be great. I do have lights and at 1st both clip lights were flashing but after awhile they stopped. Thanks for any help on this matter.....Dan
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