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  1. Don't understand, "capacitive touch footswitches to immediately navigate to a block." What is that? And what does Podgo do? Thanks Phil, ok will explore snapshops, but still isnt the M 9/13 easier to get to stomps with virtual pedalboard? You just click scene and then a stomp and you have 6 or 12 new pedals. Even with snapshots, can only put podgo 4 duplicate of same pedal in a preset.. just seems a lot more hairy. no? And everything will be in a preset (with amp off if have live amp)
  2. Thanks reading the manual and learning, but it's a beast of complexity- and anyway has nothin to do with what i asked thanks.. Would be nice if some folks who used the M extensively can comment - which is the original thread point.. Are people using this ok for Live settings, even with all the complexity involved.
  3. Coming from M series, got Podgo; real nice, but seems be real hard to adjust to quick foot stomping as everything is preset based, which real non intuitive for just clicking one effect. Anyone make the transition ok?
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