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  1. I got my POD HD500X in January 2020, anticipating some theater work I'd booked for the upcoming spring season. Obviously that didn't pan out what with the world ending and all, so it's mainly just sat on my classroom floor as a pedalboard for my teaching setup. I'm booked to play a production of Shrek The Musical this summer, and I'd really like to get the most out of the POD in terms of I/O for my pit setup. I've played a few shows with a more traditional guitar->pedalboard->amp setup, but for this show I'd like to try and do as much "in the box" as I can. My big question is whether I can use multiple instruments at once with a minimum of cable swapping between songs. The show calls for several electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, and a few oddball sounds, but my setup is going to consist of one electric guitar, one acoustic-electric, and a ukulele. Is there a way to run all three simultaneously with a basic pedalboard setup on the POD? Or should I explore some kind of dedicated DI for the acoustic and/or uke?
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