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  1. Thx Peter, i´m afraid, you´re right... because equal what I try for combinations, if you turn it on, all of the small displays come to light, without the main display, which is the whole time dark... I´m hopeing, it is maybe something wrong with the power transformator, because the main display is not coming to life...
  2. Hi @all Just while playing, my Helix crashed and is actually in "this -> picture mode... You see just the a white light at the pedal screens, the mainscreen is like off and whatever I try for a combination... Footswitch 1+6, 5+10 or 6+12 (holding it down before turning it on) nothing happens... just directly these "white screens" and nothing else... Would really like, to get a hint, whats going on here... warranty is over, bought it used a while ago, what can that be ? I removed the backplate, nothing is smelling like burned or something like that, no cable is loose (so far as I can see it, without removing anything) The Helix was in studio use only, no live gigs and so on... I cannot remember, that it felt down or something like that, but in any case, it turned in this mode by itself, not because of a crash or liquid accident or something else... best regards, Dirk
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