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  1. Hi All - I really hope someone can help. I have spent hours researching how to use the loop function of my Spider Jam via the FBV3 pedal. I have found nothing that suggests that it does not work, in fact the documentation says the FBV3 is fully compatible with Spider Jam. I am trying to do the following: 1. Create live loop 2. Have the loop continue to play 3. Stop the loop playing Really, I just want it to function like a loop pedal (which is one of the main functions which I purchased this for). I can do this on the Spider Jam itself, however, I cannot get the FBV3 pedal to trigger this functionality, which makes it difficult to use on stage. Using a loop pedal is no use either, as the guitar sound that I need is different for the looping vs the overlay. As a workaround for now, I have attached an acoustic guitar to the Aux via a loop pedal, and associated the Aux with the Mic so that it is not affected by the FX on the guitar. But this only works for this 1 instance where I have an actual guitar with the sound that I want handy, and if the loop has enough time for me to switch guitars live. Could someone please point me in the right direction? (BTW - pointing me to the manual, advanced manual, compatibility charts etc does not work - I have looked at all of these.)
  2. Appreciate the effort - I had already found this, and it seems to say that the Spider Jam is compatible, and if that is the case, how do I loop? Everything that I have found (but not specifically for the Spider Jam) says to use the Function switch, however, this does nothing with the amp, although, when I plug it into MIDI on my Mac it appears that the switch itself is operational. Love to hear more thoughts - the documentation really sucks, but that seems to be a recurring theme.
  3. Hi - I am struggling to figure out what works on the FBV3 with what amp - more to the point, what does not work. I have just bought an FBV3, and have a Spider Jam. The Function button appears to be inoperable, so I can't loop. I have scoured the internet looking for how to make it work, and come up with a goose egg - the manual is no use either. I did find a sticky that seemed to hint that the only switches that worked were the FS switches, which seems a little silly. Is there anywhere I can go to find out the correct info about this combination? Thanks Rossi
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