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  1. Thanks for those specs. I've found a number that technically meet the specs. Some of them are quite cheap in price. But was hoping to find someone who had experience with an aftermarket supply and could give a good recommendation that it worked well, was reliable and hadn't caused problems.
  2. I recently bought a POD Go and am really enjoying it. But there are two places I use it in the house (family room with my FRFR speaker, and office with my computer and monitors for editing, etc.) and would love to have an extra power adapter to put in the other spot, and maybe one to keep in my gig bag as a backup. The official power supply costs $50, which is a little steep to grab 2 more. I know this is the same power supply used in the rest of the POD line. There are a ton of alternatives out there that are much more affordable, but I want to get a good one. Any 3rd party power supplies that you've found work well and are reliable? Thanks.
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