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  1. trying to update driver for studio ux2 but monkey says must sign in first. I am signed in!!!

  2. Hi, thank you for the speedy reply. I need to experiment a little with this to find the best way to go.
  3. Hi, when downloading a tone from the database should all the onboard controls be set to anywhere specific. Best to go for a clean tone and then let the editor magic flow?.... When watching the vids of the line6 experts producing tones nothing was really said about this. Also not many downloads give info re guitar type, pickup etc that are being used. Surely this is important and will make distinct differences to the final sound? Please advise thoughts re these issues.
  4. just got the amplifi 75 for mainly home use and home studio recording. question. in all the how to vids re making a tone nothing has been said abolut the tones settings on the amplifi amp itself. Shud I be trying for a standard across the board setting, say everything at 12 oclock and then let the software work? Also surely info is needed when using these tones re the type of guitar,pickups, etc that the aurthors are using. not seen much about that so far. any sugestions or answewrs please.ltb

  5. mellyfu

    Amplifi Windows interface failure

    having the same problem as everyone else. get as fas as downloading the version 2 software and it just says down loading do not turn off. Nothing else happens and after an hour or so I gave up and started over with the same result. any suggestions rgds Mellyfu