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  1. Oh sorry guys i forgot to update. I got the hx effects for 380 used and im very happy with it. I realized i dont need amp modelling or recording. Im also getting a better amp soon.
  2. Oops I meant its 150 off the normal price. This is what I meant when I said I'm not a native english speaker. I could get it d For 500 when its normally atleast 600 or I would have to play like 100€+ for the postal costs.
  3. Oh an the stomp is 150€ on sale now so I would have the money to buy some ok amp plus the stomp but yeah ill look into the modeling amps.
  4. Thanks to you all. I have some additional info but probably doesn't matter. I mostly play metal and play really quiet or trough headphones. I would be willing to spend spend more than the 500 if I would buy both the amp and something separate because I just want something I can use for a long time without having to upgrade because I want to start saving for a guitar.
  5. I am a beginner/intermediate guitar player who wants to start exploring guitar effects and amp modelling. Would you advice me to get the hx stomp or something else. I am 14 and I don't have any experience with modelling or any effects. When I i try to read about the stomp I run to a lot of terms that I don't understand and complicated English (I'm not a native speaker) I don't have any other pedals and I'm not thinking of getting any atleast for a while. I have a few questions. Can you just plug your guitar into the stomp and plug your headphones to it or do you need to plug the stomp to an amp or a PA system. Should i get an better amp? I have a cheap 50 dollar amp but does its quality matter if im using amp modelling? Or should I try out the different amp models and buy an amp I like. Do I need to buy anything with the stomp like extra cables or footswitches to use it? If you think i should buy something else than the stomp my budget is around 550€ But yeah the main question is would the stomp be good for an inexperienced teenager who just wants effects and amp modelling and recording on a budget.
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