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  1. So anyone else that has this problem knows the outcome. I unhooked the USB connection to my PC and hooked it through RC plugs from my mixer to the headphone jack on my PC. No issues now, I have connected/disconnected my Pod Go several times and no sounds changes happened!
  2. Also my "PC volume" is no longer controlled from my Pro FX mixer, it is the only by the volume knob on the Pod Go, which is very inconvenient! The master volume on the mixer still controls all, but not individually!
  3. It changed from "Pro FX" to Line 6 PodGo" and sounds amazing!
  4. I have and I just went back to this, but what am I supposed to do to the settings? It is on Pro FX3-4 which is my mixer. Still all tinny until I hook my PodGo back up? So weird and never happened before?? I did just have PC issues and Dell was controlling my computer to update drivers. Did they change something that I need to change back?
  5. PC windows 10 hooked to a small mixer and 2 - L3T speakers. Everything sounds great and is controlled perfectly through the mixer. Hooked my PodGo through usb on the front of my PC to work with presets and everything worked great, played my guitar with Spotify and all worked perfectly. Unhooked my PodGo and now all the sound from my PC is tinny and bass less!! I hooked my PodGo back up to the PC and all sounds good again. What happened? What do I need to do? I have tried everything I know and I'm very confused by this! I have shut down and restarted my PC multiple times. Thanks for any advice, Jeff
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