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  1. Liejp2

    No update...

    Nope, nope and nope...
  2. Liejp2

    No update...

    Sorry guys, but living in Belgium so other timezone... No success till now. I run windows 10 and tried different usb ports. Tried the 6-12 update boot... when the display says entered update mode, I hear my laptop beep like i connected something, But nevertheless he skips the update screen... Very dispappointing so far... Kris
  3. Liejp2

    No update...

    Hey guys, Brand new owner of a helix! Yaaaaaaay! Unpacked it! Admired it! .... ok let''s update first! Nope! Installed latest software, but it just keeps skipping the installation. Allost immediatly I get the post-installation screen telling the helix will reboot... not ... I uninstalled, i rebooted.... nothing Help Thnx Peace
  4. Liejp2

    Helix works on DT50

    So basically, what happens if I connect a helix to my dt50?
  5. Liejp2

    Helix works on DT50

    Hello all, My apologies... I'm a noob! I'm a content owner of a DT5O 212 cab. But now, I'm about to invest more and buy my helix. But I keep on reading that a helix and a DT are a no-match... Is this true? I mean Idon't care about the loss of the different topologies of the DT50 once I connected to the Helix. I just want to have all the possibilities and soundings of the helix Someone? Many thanks Kristof Belgium
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