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  1. My Avid M-Audio Fast Track Ultra still does not work with the current 10.11.1 beta, I am still on Yosemite on my main machine.
  2. This' the situation
  3. The "industry leader" Avid is the same. No drivers, no communication except "nothing is supported under El Capitan at the moment".
  4. BTW, not a single AVID product works with El Capitan so far. Line 6 is not alone. Avid also does NOT communicate with it's clients. lollipop this lollipop, I am finally going to buy a Focusrite Scarlett for my next interface.
  5. The reason why many drivers are not working anymore: Apple extended the "kext signing" to drivers and only drivers from trusted sources are loaded by the El Capitan kernel, no bypass option here (like for applications in the control panel). 10.11.1 Beta did not help, I am now back on Yosemite.
  6. I googled a little and it seems there is a general USB Audio problem in El Capitan, many interfaces don't work right now. I am on El Capitan Golden Master and my M-Audio Fast Track is not recognized. EDIT: My IK Multimedia StealthPlug works.
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