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  1. Hi, I am unable to have even a basic use of my Pod Studio UX1. For now, I just want to plug-in my electric guitar and hear a sound, not even record. I have done the following: - electric guitar plugged in the INSTRUMENT input - loud speaker plugged in the PHONES output - Pod Studio UX1 connected to my Windows 10 computer with USB - I have installed and opened POD FARM 2. I also open the license manager and there don't seem to be a problem with the license. I see the POD FARM 2 graphical interface, I am able to choose an amplifier, to turn the buttons, but no way to get a sound out of my lout speaker. The only think I do achieved is to hear the sound of a youtube video from my loud speaker, via the Pod Studio UX1. I would really appreciate a support on using the system, since I am really not able to do anything with it at the moment. Best regards, Guillaume
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