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  1. Thank you for your reply, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a decent audio interface and what a massive difference this made to the cab.. The sound is so clear crisp and loud.. I cant wait to experiment more with this... I will try your suggestion cause I didn't realize i could use it that way.
  2. Hi I am a Powercab 112 plus owner and absolutely love it... it gave me everything in a guitar speaker I was looking for. I dont own a line6 modeler and I am currently using a irig stomp i/o & ipad from one of the balanced L 1/4 out to the 1/4 input on the PowerCab and use Bias FX and amplitube... I am very happy with the sound it creates.... would anyone know if I could remove the irig stomp and replace it with a high quality audio interface I could achieve the same result or will there need to be a preamp instead ? I have got a very budget behringer interface that I hooked up and it sounds pretty bad all crackly and hiss. Does anyone have experience with this and could please share what you did ? Thanks
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