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  1. spg244

    Pulling my hair out

    spaceatl, can't thank you enough! Main out left into the amps return did the trick. Not hearing the same as my headphones but I can tweak the tone. Signal is super hot though...had to turn master volume way down. I appreciate your help!
  2. spg244

    Pulling my hair out

    Thank you! Tried it just now...no go. Loud clean sound only.
  3. spg244

    Pulling my hair out

    Thank you! I've read the manual a few times. Could you clarify just the last part (Pre version of the amp model).
  4. I have spent 4 days and 12 hours watching YouTube videos and reading charts about the 4 cable method and my tube amp. I have squeached, and squelched and nearly ruined my amp. I have meticulously connected cables as instructed. The PodGo sounds amazing through headphones. I have a Peavey Classic 50 with an effects send and return. I would simply like the sound created by PodGo amplified by my amp. What am I missing? Any adjustments I need to make on Pod? Effects loop? where in the chain? Global settings? Change levels? Thanks
  5. Thanks Pappy. Update, I used a cheap newer computer and it worked fine. Maybe try a newer laptop.
  6. 80s metalhead here. Total frustration for 48hrs trying to use PodGo as a pedalboard through a tube amp...horrific! Today I used headphones, picked the Foo Fighters preset (I'm assuming) fiddled for 5 minutes and the sky parted and tone shined down upon me!! I apologize for bad mouthing the past 2 days.
  7. Day 2 with my Pod Go...horribly disappointed. I've read and watched YouTube for 2 days, 4C method... global settings...blah, blah,blah... I haven't been able to create or tweek a single usable tone. The factory tones are garbage. I play a Gibson through a DigiTech RP355 into a Peavey Classic 50 and I can melt your face, punch you with power...hot tones, and soaring sustain. I'm looking for ANY source that can show an 80's metalhead how to use this before I sell it. Thanks...
  8. Pod Go Edit loses connection after a minute or so. Decent laptop, running Windows 10. Using factory USB cable. Updated to latest version and drivers. Suggestions on computer settings, cable issues? Frustrated! Thanks
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