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  1. Line 6 Device Factory Reset Procedures incorrectly states that in order to reset Spider V 20 hold down FX2 and FX3 buttons while powering on, then press and release 'save' while the amp is turned on. This is totally incorrect! If you wish to reload the factory presets, this can be performed by turning on the amp and pressing and holding the FX2 and FX3 button and then pressing the save button (the unit will soft reboot). :
  2. I've been using the spider remote app and adding tones only to discover that I'd overwritten several presets. I tried the directions for resetting the V20, but they did not work I don't know if it was because mine is a MKII or what, but it simply did nothing, the altered presets were still there. Took a long shot and reverse updated to ver 1.00 then 1.01 and finally back to ver 2.00. It worked, I now have all my factory presets!!!
  3. Connect USB to back of amp then go to presets on application and your done you can also download to your app from the cloud
  4. Just connect either the mobile device or the PC via the USB connection
  5. So if I got this right no manual exists for the spider remote app and the instructions for my V20 MKII are only marginal. I'm 72 yrs and I don't have another lifetime to learn all the features and would appreciate a help screen on the web site that is product and app specific. It appears to be a great product, but unless you are a professional or a bloody genius it becomes mind numbing!
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