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  1. Hi, I have set up my stomp to split the signal out so I have panned "left" mono signal out going directly to my amp clean channel and panned "right" mono signal going to board. The "left" signal is just a preamp and effects. The "right" signal is amp/ir - This works fine and I can now choose to have either standard amp/pedal setup or straight to board or both, just plug and play at any venue/or at practise. But... as I try to dialing in the best tone I can have for my "board" sound I would like to do this with headphones. ( I cant do this in a 5 min soundcheck)....the problem here is that this gives me the same split sound. I would like to only hear the board sound in stereo or at least mono/mono in my headphones.... anyone else doing this or am I attacking this the wrong way ? (I have not messed with snapshot mode yet.. I just cant understand that consept :-/ - I have 3 buttons, clean, rythm, lead and still feel like I am tap dancing.) Best regards Jørgen
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