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  1. Yes all the speakers hum if they are directly connected to the pod, when the pod is connected to the IMAC with USB. For example, if i connect the Pod in my soundcard by XLR cable and in the computer with USB, the speakers connected to the soudcard don't hum. Speakers or amps have to be connected directly to the pod when it's plugged with USB if i want they hum (and I don't want...)
  2. Hi everyone, When I connect my HD500X in the USB port of an IMAC, I can hear a lot of noises and hums in every speakers plugged in the Pod (monitoring, guitar amp...) Drivers seem ok, the HD works well the rest of the time. Any idea ?
  3. Tanx for the answer.
  4. Hi everybody, Did anybody try un hd 500X pluged in a stagesource L2M speaker ? I've just bought one and i'm sure the sound is great, but i'm afraid the tweeter does't support feed back. I know there's a feed back cut in the L2M but, you know, sometimes we like to make some noise with our guitars... Someone told me if I put my guitar close of the speaker to create a feed back, the tweeter will break. Do you know about that ?
  5. I don't understand everything (forgive my english) but... With the 4 cables method, if you put an fx loop in the hd, you use the preamp of your marshall. If you turn off the fx loop in the hd, the sound goes directly from the 1/4 output of the hd, until the return of the marshall's fx loop. Then you can use presets of the hd.
  6. Hi ! Anybody knows how configure the HD 500X using the 4 cables method. when i do, it's really noisy, I can't turn the master" up. My gear : HD 500X + Mesa boogie caliber 5 combo. I use this method : Thanx !
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