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  1. My compressor is set mild and to 31% mix. It's definitely just to tighten things up and emulate some tube compression I believe? I'm not sure but I think that's why Jason Sadites did it
  2. Ok, that's what I thought; of course the sensei is right. Well in that case, can I set the Expression to do - ∞dB to +8.4dB and still have my Morningstar send a message to make it go to +12dB? It seems like these will contradict each other. My idea about the amp doing the boost instead will still hit the compressor and maybe not boost as much as I'd like
  3. Hey! I found a John Mayer preset by Jason Sadites pretty soon after getting my stomp and kind of emulated all my Fender amps after that specific preset. He has the LA Studio Comp last in the chain. Is there a way to kind of mimic this in an amp sim so I don't need to use that block? It does sound better with it on and I'm using it as my solo boost (+8.4dB to +12dB) BUT, I'm setting up a Mission expression pedal and it's making me evaluate the templates I have. Issue 1 is my outboard OD pedal is before wah currently so I need to place it in the loop. That may cause issues with some mods before dirt (I prefer some before and some after) and some after reverb but most post-verb ones would be tremolo or Leslie anyway. Not a huge issue Issue 2 is ability to control the volume with the amp sim or post-amp compressor block and still having a volume boost for solos. I'd prefer not to ride the pedal for solo boosts but maybe i can change boosts to affect amp and amp eq parameters. Issue 3 is the compressor question above. If I can omit that block, is there a way to do two FX Loops in series or must they always be parallel? That may fix issue 1.
  4. How would you route things if this were you? I have a Wampler Paisley Deluxe before the stomp, Stomp, Keeley Delay Workstation in the loop, an MC6 for controlling and looping, and a Mission expression pedal For such and such. problem is my wah is after od this way but if I put it in the loop, all of my mods will be pre od. If I wait til firmware 3.0 then maybe I can have 2 loops?
  5. It’s true bypass and it’s the only pedal before the stomp. I have a Keeley Delay Workstation in a Loop as well but that’s true bypass
  6. Hey! I have a Wampler Paisley Deluxe on my mini board. I also have it on my main board into a Deluxe Reverb Reissue and it sounds great. My issue is the pedal into the Stomp has a kind of dull quality about it. There's a hazy hairiness to the tone in a subtle way. It's not outright bad but it doesn't have the same character as my other Paisley pedal. This is for any amp in the Stomp but I have it usually on a DR or Plexi. I have impedance maxed so I don't believe that's causing an issue. Anyone else encounter this with an OD?
  7. Gotcha. This all seems to make sense. I'm not really performing the looping stuff currently, just for playing around. The soundscape kind of stuff normally isn't that long so 60 seconds (even 30) would be enough but... if I don't plan on looping in the Stomp, I could get away with using the ditto x2 and just get like a Jet Micro or something cheaper than the MC6. I would still need to use a block so I could have loops after reverb and be able to use the usb interface for recording... I play for Kishi Bashi and he just uses a DL4 for live looping. Mono seems to be enough for him and he sums a mic and violin signal to it. I've had a little trouble with my Ditto X2 switches before so my inclination is to go for internal looper. But I dunno.. Your insight is helpful though, thank you!
  8. My Stomp is coming from Reverb.com next week and I'm trying to do some ampless flyrig layout planning. I do plan on using looping for ambient noisescape kind of stuff. I currently have a Ditto X2 for that but thought that using the Stomp's looper with a Morningstar MC6 would offer more flexibility and control. From what I can tell, I need to choose whether I want the looper to be an external pedal or my reverb/delay for DSP reasons. I also have a Keeley Delay Workstation (Stomp's foot control would be more preferable). The Workstation's plus is that it's 2-in-1 so would take only one block (I prefer delay/reverb before the amp so it's less processed and sterile sounding). My blocks should look something like (Wampler Paisley Deluxe) then Mod>Delay>Reverb>Amp Sim>Looper. Maybe IRs? If I do stereo looper, I need to use 2 blocks for it? Do you loopers use the Stomp's or external? Or do you prefer to run other outboard effects with it? Also, how long is the standard loop time and can I switch between patches that contain the looper for creating loops with varying amp sounds? Thank you!
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